Online Deals

Nothing here is a gimmick. These are honest to goodness excellent deals that I take advantage of. They all check out even though they sound too good to believe!

NEW SpecialOffers is an incredible savings web site that offers information on free and special offers. A little something for everyone!

Free Web Hosting at Absolutely free, bannerless web page hosting and discounted domain name registration. Help us out by mentioning that you heard about this from

Huge supermarket savings from Print out a supermarket savings page and use them along with your coupons to save big time at the store. I typically save 40% off my shopping bill by combining ValuPage with coupons from the Sunday paper.

Cheap photo developing at Very inexpensive, high quality 35mm photo developing AND they scan your pictures and put them in an online photo album for you. All you pay is $1.99 per roll and $1.69 for shipping per order and they require that you look at the pictures online within 30 days. You don't need a scanner to have your photos digitized. What savings! This turns out to be cheaper and much more convenient than Wal-Mart. offers huge travel savings This is the place to get great hotel rates. You would be stupid to pay rack rate (regular rate) at any hotel! During the summer of 2000 I stayed at a hotel in Cleveland for $29.00 ($109.00 rack rate), a hotel in Pittsburgh for $29.00 ($79.00 rack rate), and a hotel in Washinton D.C. for $24.00 ($116.00 rack rate)! Also excellent savings for airfare, gasoline, car rentals and other services. In the summer of 2001 I stayed in a room at a suite hotel for $25.00 ($129.00 rack rate). Tip: you can get a hotel anywhere for less than $29.00 - don't let them tell you to start bidding at $50.00 or higher. This is for real!!!

$5.00 free for signing up for PayPal is the premier person to person online payment systems and they are giving a $5.00 bonus to all new accounts. That's free money! No hitch!

Dirt cheap inkjet and toner cartidges at Tyler Martin Most printer companies bank on making their profit from replacement cartridges. Don't get ripped off by them! Tyler Martin sells cartridges for next to nothing ($3.95 for B&W and $6.95 for color for my Epson 740) and are of very high quality.

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