Emission Test Results

Date: Fri, 09 May 2003 17:59:15 -0000
From: "Robert G. Schaffrath" <robert@schaffrath.net>
Subject: Insight Emissions Inspection today

I had my 2000 Insight inspected today as part of the yearly downstate New York emissions program. As of September 2, 2002, we are now on the tightest limits for emissions. Prior to that date, we were on interim standards.

Anyhow, The Insight has improved a bit in CO emissions since last year. This is rundown of this years test readings and limits versus last year:

Mileage: 15930
HC Limit: 0.60 gpm (Grams Per Mile)
HC Tested: 0.02 gpm
CO Limit: 10.00 gpm
CO Tested: 0.40 gpm
NOx Limit: 1.50 gpm
NOx Tested: 0.02 gpm

2002 (last year)
Mileage: 9166
HC Limit: 0.80 gpm
HC Tested: 0.01 gpm
CO Limit: 15.00 gpm
CO Tested: 1.04 gpm
NOx Limit: 2.00
NOx Tested: 0.03

With the exception of a 0.01 gpm increase in HC's, all other areas decreased. I guess the 10K mile breakin period is over!

Silver, '00-#4581