Maintenance Log

    1. Diagnosed CEL and it was P1164 again (air fuel ratio error fault). The PCM recall is designed to alleviate that problem.
    2. Performed the ECM recall (02-081). Replaced ECM with updated controller, programmed four keys, performed idle learn procedure, test drove car. Cost to Honda: $669.58 for ECM plus labor.
    3. Performed IMA controller recall (I assume they replaced both the Motor Control Module (MCM) and Battery Condition Module (BCM) (recall number 01-102) Cost to Honda: $792.33 for MCM $1745.80 for the BCM plus labor.
    4. Installed updated window regulator and motor assembly as per service bulletin. They lubricated the window run tracks with silicone spray which they recommend twice a year for best performance. Cost to Honda: $241.48 for regulator plus labor.
    5. Checked shifting performance. They indicated that a sticky shifter is typical during cold weather since transmission fluid is cold.

Current maintenance issues (3/15/05)

How to reset the MCM:

"Turn the ignition switch OFF, and remove the No. 18 BACK UP (7.5A) fuse (A) from the under-dash fuse/relay box (B) for 10 seconds.

NOTE: If the MCM has been reset, the IMA battery level indicator (BAT) will not indicate the state of charge when the engine is started. Refer to the 'How to End a Troubleshooting Session' to set the correct state of charge." The section on "How to End a Troubleshooting Session" says:

  1. Reset the MCM
  2. Turn the ignition switch OFF.
  3. Remove the No. 15 EPS (40 A) fuse from the under-hood fuse/relay box.
  4. Start the engine, and hold it at 3,500 rpm with no load (in neutral) until the IMA battery level indicator (BAT) on the gauge becomes normal.
  5. Reinstall the No.15 EPS (40 A) fuse.

Long term storage for the Insight:

The Honda Insight Technicians Guide states that for long term storage, the IMA battery must be charged periodically. The recommended interval is three months. The procedure outlined is "pull fuse no. 15" and run engine at 3500 rpm for 5-10 minutes until the the gauge shows the desired level of charge.

Adding coolant

From another owner: "It turns out that air gets trapped in the engine unless a bleed bolt is opened while new coolant is added. As I drove the car and the coolant circulated, coolant slowly flowed into the air pockets, thus lowering the level in the reservoir. Overall, this was not a big problem, and the dealer immediately corrected the situation when I notified them of it. I consider this incident another example of technician carelessness, especially since the need for the bleeding the coolant system is clearly explained in the service manual.

Engine error codes

77 - Deteriorating Battery Module
67-1 - Catalyst Deterioration
63 - Battery Charger Controller
P1164 - O2 Sensor
P1468 - Thermostat Malfunction
P1645 - Motor Control Module Signal Malfunction

Maintenance information