On June 10, 2001 I attended a day of filming for the movie Mickey in South Williamsport, PA. It is my feature film debut except you have to buy the DVD, watch it frame by frame and know exactly who you're looking for to even see me! Ha! Here are some screen shots from the movie. The times are from the DVD and are all from the scene where Mickey's team plays Cuba for the Little League World Series title.

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1:18:14 – The first frame I'm in. I'm sitting here.

1:18:34 – Close up (sort of)

1:18:35 – This time I'm looking in the same direction as Mickey. What teamwork!

1:19:10 – I'm looking to my right so the camera can get a shot of my good side.

1:19:12 – I can even act with the Cuban players. What versatility!

1:19:33 – Another shot of my good side.

1:19:54 – I can act on the right side of the screen.

1:29:02 – The 1st assistant director asked us to stand up for this scene. I was a little nervous but I think I pulled it off.

1.29.09 – This is the hardest shot. I had to stand, clap and watch the ball all at once. Oscars, here I come!