Undergraduate courses I took at
Lock Haven University of PA

Course Term
Credits Professor
BIOL106 F94 Principles of Biology I 3.0 Dr. Shonah Hunter/Dr. Ralph Harnishfeger
BIOL107 S95 Principles of Biology II 3.0 Dr. Shonah Hunter/Dr. Ken Thompson
CHEM120 F94 Princples of Chemistry I 4.0 Prof. Al Hoberman/Dr. Laura Lee/Dr. Scott Chaffee
CHEM121 S95 Principles of Chemistry II 4.0 Prof. Al Hoberman/Dr. Laura Lee/Dr. Scott Chaffee
CHEM220 F96 Organic Chemistry I 4.0 Dr. Roberta Kleinman
CHEM221 S97 Organic Chemistry II 4.0 Dr. Roberta Kleinman
CHEM316 F97 Quantitative Analysis 4.0 Prof. Al Hoberman
CHEM410 S98 Biochemistry 4.0 Dr. Paddy O'Hara-Mays
CHEM420 F97 Physical Chemistry I 4.0 Dr. Brent May
CHEM421 S98 Physical Chemistry II 4.0 Dr. Brent May
CHEM499 F97 I.S. Internet Sci. Ed. Resources; Web Page 3.0 Dr. Donald Oakley
EDUC101 F93 Social Foundations of Education 2.0 Dr. Arden Holland
EDUC205 S95 Sec Educ I Block: Educational Media 1.0 Dr. Wisconsin Guy
EDUC209 S95 Sec Educ I Block: Science 2.0 Dr. Donald Oakley
EDUC211 S95 Sec Educ I Block: Reading 2.0 Dr. Susan Robbins
EDUC311 S96 Sec Educ II Block: Educational Media 1.0 Dr. James Miller
EDUC315 S96 Sec Educ II Block: Science 4.0 Dr. Donald Oakley
EDUC317 S96 Sec Educ II Block: Educational Psych 3.0 Dr. Charles Arrington
EDUC415 F98 Student Teaching & Practicum 1 7.0 Mrs. Kathy Richards
EDUC416 F98 Student Teaching & Practicum 2 7.0 Mr. David Bross
ENGL100 F93 English Composition 3.0 Dr. Harriett Masembe
ENGL110 F95 Dimensions of Literature 3.0 Dr. Richard Parker
GEOS105 S96 Meteorology 3.0 Prof. Dale Cooper
GEOS110 S94 Physical Geology 3.0 Dr. C. Robert Carnein
GEOS251 F95 Geology Field Trip (NE PA Glacial) 1.0 Dr. John Way
GEOS252 S96 Geology Field Trip (Pgh. Applied) 1.0 Dr. John Way
GEOS253 F96 Geology Field Trip (Johnstown) 1.0 Dr. John Way
GEOS254 S97 Geology Field Trip (West Virginia) 1.0 Dr. C.Robert Carnein
GEOS300 F94 Astronomy II 3.0 Dr. Donald Simanek
HIST102 S98 World History II 3.0 Dr. Sandra Barney
MATH141 S98 Calculus I 3.0 Dr. W. P. Abeysinghe
MATH142 F94 Calculus II 3.0 Prof. Mark Seeber
MATH243 F95 Calculus III 3.0 Prof. Mark Seeber
MATH301 F96 Differential Equations 3.0 Prof. Ray Whitney
MILS104 F93 Intro to Miliary Science 1.0 Maj. Michael McManus
MILS105 S94 Development of Military Skills 1.0 Maj. Michael McManus
MILS204 F94 Intro to Leadership & Tactics 1.0 Maj. Michael McManus
MILS205 S95 Army Operations 1.0 Maj. Michael McManus
MUSI101 F95 Introduction to Music 3.0 Dr. Jack Schmidt
PHIL301 S98 Modern Philosophy 3.0 Dr. Howard Congdon
PHYS130 F93 Physics I 4.0 Prof. Dale Cooper/Dr. Donald Oakley
PHYS171 S94 Intermediate General Physics 2 4.0 Dr. James Wheeler
PHYS290 F96 Electronics (I.I.) 4.0 Dr. Donald Simanek
PHYS310 S97 Lab Development & Supervision (I.I.) 1.0 Prof. Dale Cooper
PHYS315 F95 Atomic & Nuclear Physics w/Lab 4.0 Dr. Donald Simanek
PHYS325 S97 Optics (I.I.) 4.0 Dr. Donald Simanek
PHYS330 S96 Mechanics I 3.0 Dr. James Wheeler
PHYS331 F96 Mechanics II 3.0 Dr. James Wheeler
PHYS350 S97 Heat & Thermodynamics 3.0 Dr. Donald Simanek
POLI105 S98 American National Government 3.0 Dr. John Washburn
PSYC103 S94 Adolescent Development 3.0 Dr. Ted Forbes
RECR110 F94 Intro to Recreation & Leisure 3.0 Dr. Tom Willson
SOCI101 F95 Intro Sociology 3.0 Dr. William Smith-Hinds
SPCH102 S94 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 3.0 Prof. Zelma Lang
THEA134 S97 Acting I 3.0 Prof. John Gordon

Total: 162 credits

(I.I.) represents courses taken as Individualized Instruction

Graduate courses

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