Summer '03

June 6 - 8
Alumni Weekend at Lock Haven University.
June 13
Last day of school at Williamsport Area High School (work)
June 16 - 20
ChemVan workshop at Susquehanna University.
June 18 - 21
Sentimental Journey Fly-In at Lock Haven airport. This is a huge reunion for early Piper aircraft that were built at the Lock Haven factory.
June 23 - 27
My first summer course, Mechanics of Materials at Penn State University. There is a preassignment and postassignment.
June 27 - July 6
Vacation in Colorado and Wyoming. Read the itinerary here.
July 7 - July 11
Research at Penn State. Read about it here.
July 8-9
Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Education workshop. I attended the keynote lunch speaker on both the 8th and 9th. We went to the PSU Vehicle Test Track facility where we test drove a Honda Civic Hybrid (2003 5 speed), Toyotal Prius (2001 Automatic), and my Honda Insight. See pictures here.
July 9 - 13
Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts in State College, PA. Didn't quite make it do this but the People's Choice festival is better anyway.
July 10 - 13
People's Choice Arts & Crafts Festival in Boalsburg, PA. Went here with Jen.
July 14 - 18
My second summer course, Nuclear Science and Technology Workshop at Penn State University. I did a preassignment and another significant assignment for credit.
July 21 - 25
My third summer course, Weather Camp for Science Educators at Penn State. There is a significant preassignment. I rode to and from the workshop on my Burley Taiko.
July 28 - August 1
My fourth summer course, Space-Based Astronomy at Penn State.
August 4-6
Research at Penn State.
August 6
Wrecked my bike after work. Not a good thing.
August 8-9
I was supposed to go to my 10 year high school reunion in New Milford, PA but was at home recovering from my accident.
August 11-21
Curriculum development at home instead of research at PSU. I'm working on finishing up the DiscoveryRide learning activities and doing work with HEV education among other things.
August 22
Harford Fair and my sister's wedding rehearsal.
August 23
Jen and I are going to my sister's wedding. She and her finance, Gordon, are getting married in New Milford, PA.
August 25
First day of teacher inservice
August 28
First day of my classes at WASD and my birthday. (It's not the first time that's happened.) K-9th graders start on August 27th.