Summer '05

June 9
Graduation at Williamsport Area High School (Larry's work)
June 10
Last day of work for the year for Larry at Williamsport Area High School and for Jen at Bishop Neumann.
June 12
Jim Poechmann's surprise retirement party. Jim retired from teaching chemistry at Williamsport Area High School for over 35 years.
We worked on the house, cleaned things up and got ready for our yard sale. We put new carpet on the front steps, layed ceramic tile on the front porch, finished some painting inside and did some repairs that have been waiting for us to find time to complete them. Larry built our new trailer that we'll use to haul thing around. We also took a day trip to pick up some bikes and an aquarium in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
24 & 25
Our yard sale. What a great success! We sold a whole lot of stuff...
Vacation to visit Jen's family in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. We took the Insight and stopped at the Moonshine Store on the way out.

We went to the St. Louis Arch while we were in Missouri.

On the way back we stopped at Fish Collectors in Louisville, Kentucky where we bought a breeding pair of greenface brichardi and about 30 of their fry from a few broods (They have since had another brood of 8). We also bought 11 juvenile brichardi from 3 varieties and a trio of 6" 7–stripe brichardi. What a great fish place!

Vacation in San Diego, California. (Thank you USAirways for the free tickets and to Mom Bender for the hotel.) Read more about this vacation.
Vacation in Arizona. Read more about this vacation.
28 to August 24
We visited with friends and family, built bookshelves for the office, did some plumbing and electrical work, finished grouting the tiles on the porch, installed new house numbers and a mailbox, started waterproofing the basement, organized the office and kept cleaning our home. Some day we'll feel like we've finally moved in...
August 4 We went to the DCI show in West Chester, PA to see my brother Ian who works for the Cadets. The Cadets won that night and also took the DCI World Championship title this year.

August 24 First day of teacher inservice for Jen
August 25 First day of teacher inservice for Larry
26 - 27
Harford Fair in Harford, PA and visited with Mom Flint.
August 29
First day of my classes at Bishop Neumann. This year Jen is teaching Academic Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and Physics.
August 30
First day of my classes at WASD. This year Larry is teaching Chemistry I, Concepts of Physics and Physics I.