My job at Heritage Reservation - Summer 2000

I worked at Heritage Reservation again this summer for the 10th summer in a row.

This summer I was assigned to the Discovery Wilderness Outpost for two weeks. Campers who chose to attend Discovery experience a two to three day high-adventure camping experience. A typical session goes like this:

Day 1 | Day 2

We mountain bike about four miles to the Discovery outpost in the afternoon. The trail goes from Camp Freedom around beautiful Lake Courage, our 270 acre man make lake.

another picture

When we arrive at Discovery, it is necessary to get a big old fire going so that we can boil water for dinner. In the wilderness tradition, we saw wood with a two-man bucksaw. This turns into a speed competition.

Once we get the water on the fire to boil, it is time to show everyone how to throw a tomahawk.

 Our target is a big old hunk of wood. Trust me, it is not as easy as Mel Gibson makes it look in The Patriot (a great movie, by the way).

 Dinner Time! It's brown, it's hot, and there's lots of it. Beef stroganoff... my favorite!

After dinner we show them how to load and fire blackpowder rifles...

Then everyone gets to take a shot at it.


And play "All Aboard."

When it gets dark we chill around a good fire...


Click HERE for Day 2 and lots of climbing pictures