Howdy everyone!

My summer is going quite well... I have had lots of time to take care of my apartment, vacation, take classes, learn some new web design software, and keep busy with Flint Enterprises. Here's a quick chronology with links and pictures.

Map of my summer travels
 June 10 I went to a wedding in Scranton for my friends Christine Valente and John Sluzark with my girlfriend.
June 12
June 24
Since 1991 I have worked at Heritage Reservation, a large summer camp operated by Greater Pittsburgh Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Well... they got me to come work for them for a few weeks this year as well. This time around I worked at the Discovery Outpost, a high adventure camp where young men can experience shotgun shooting, tomahawk throwing, mountain biking, canoeing, climbing and rappeling, and blackpowder rife shooting.

Click here to see pictures and full details of all the cool stuff we did there.

June 26
July 14
Now this is the highlight of my summer! I took an aviation course at Lock Haven University where I'm working on my Masters in Education. This graduate course included ground school where we learned everything necessary to become a private pilot. It included five hours of flight instruction and a glider ride. It was a very strenuous course (six credits in three weeks) but I pulled out an A.

Click here to see LOTS of pictures and more about this course.

July 8 Since I'm a big fan of Drum and Bugle Corps (DCI) competitions, I went to my first show of the summer at the DCI Atlantic Championship in Philadelphia, PA. My brother, Ian, plays tuba for the Cadets drum and bugle corps. The Cadets have been named national and world champions a total of 18 times including this year (2000) and 1998 when both my brother and sister toured.[picture]
Ian is third from the left in this
rehearsal picture --->
 July 9
There's nothing like two DCI shows in a row! I went to another show in Altoona today. There was hardly anyone there so I got a perfect seat - high up on the 50.
July 10
I went for a glider flying lesson at the Keystone Gliderport. What a great experience! I also went to the State College, PA airport to see President Clinton arrive for the NGA meeting at Penn State.
July 11
August 10
My second class for the summer: Fundamentals of Educational Leadership with Dr. Bean at Lock Haven University. This graduate course requires a lot of reading, writing and eight hours of class discussion per week. The three of us are joined by video conferencing with five students in Coudersport, PA. See our team's web site.
 July 16
I went to the People's Choice Arts Festival in Boalsburg, PA and had my caricature drawn for my classroom web site.
July 29
August 1
 Vacation itinerary with my girlfriend, Kelly:
August 5
 DCI Eastern Championships in Allentown, PA.
  • Clinic with the Phantom Regiment in the afternoon
  • Cadets take another win!
 August 10
August 14
 Washington D.C. vacation itinerary:
  Late August Almost time to go back to school! I spent these two weeks getting materials and lesson plans ready for the beginning of another school year. I also registered and overhauled my virtual classroom web site.