Getting Bumped 101

My almost perpetual free airline tickets

For Thanksgiving 2003 I flew with Jen to Missouri to visit family. We scored a set of free tickets on the flight out of Philadelphia to St. Louis on US Air. They were overbooked so we took the bump and they flew us to Chicago where we took a United flight to St. Louis.

We're using these tickets in the summer of 2005 to go to Phoenix, AZ.

On our way home from her family in Missouri at Christmas, Jen and I got another set of free tickets in St. Louis. The flight to Philadelphia was overbooked so we volunteered to fly out two hours later on American to Pittsburgh where we had a five hour layover before flying in to Williamsport. We got in about five hours later than originally.

We're using these tickets in the summer of 2005 to go to San Diego, CA.

How do I score free tickets like this?

    1. You get vouchers for free flights. This is the big score. Sometimes they'll even offer you food, rental cars, taxi fares, and hotel stays if they can't get you on a flight within a few hours or that day.
    2. Your bags may arrive at your destination before you so you won't have to wait for them to be unloaded. Just go to the airline baggage office with your baggage claim ticket and/or photo ID.
    3. Sometimes you will be seated in first class on the flight you are rescheduled to go on. This is because a plane's coach section often sells out. If there are only a few seats open on an aircraft they will likely be first class. Boy, is first class nice! Tons of legroom, excellent seats, quiet cabin, no screaming babies, fresh air, free drinks, awesome meals, outstanding service, etc.

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