240 Gallon Reef

240 Gallon Clarity Plus acrylic aquarium (8'x2'x2') with corner overflows
Oak stand and canopy (painted black outside and white inside)
Canopy lifts 24" vertically by rear supported linear actuator and four 25 lb gas shocks
3 x 175 watt Iwasaki 15000 K metal halide bulbs driven by IceCap ballasts
2 x 48" T5HO 10000K bulbs driven by Sylvania ballasts
4 x 48" T5HO UV Lighting Super Actinic bulbs driven by Sylvania ballasts
2 x Tunze 6060 powerheads
1x EcoTech Vortech MP40W powerhead
Closed loop: Sequence Reeflo Dart with OceansMotions 8 way wavemaker (pump and wavemaker in basement)

Overflows return to basement for the following equipment:
100 gallon Rubbermaid Stock Tank sump
Octopus 200 Recirculating skimmer with mesh mod & forced air to venturi and extra Sicce 2500 pump with mesh mod
Korallin C1502 calcium reactor with Milwaukee pH controller
Red Sea Aquazone Plus 200 mg/hr ozonizer fed to stock skimmer pump venturi
Stealth heaters on Ranco controller
Topoff with kalkwasser
Exchange pump to the rest of our saltwater system

350 lb live rock in tank and sump
Lots of SPS, LPS and soft coral including torch, acropora, toadstool leathers, candy cane, echinopora, yellow star polyps, montipora digitata, montipora capricornis, millepora, sinularia, hammer, moon, pocillopora, zooanthid, brain, hairy mushroom, blue mushroom, acanastrea, pagoda and others

Fish include: Sohal tang, hippo tang, sailfin tang, yellow tang, algae blenny, blue damsel, royal gramma, coral beauty angel, pair of goldstripe maroon clowns, three lyretail anthias, green mandarin, purple pseudochromis

Canopy lift
See the YouTube video.

The first picture shows the 24" linear actuator that is operated by a momentary switch to control up and down motion. The bottom of the linear actuator is mounted to a bracket attached to the wall and the top is mounted to the back of the canopy. The canopy is supported by heavy duty shelf brackets that are bolted to angle iron and ride up and down on heavy duty 30" stainless steel drawer slides. The linear actuator presses upward on the center of the canopy which is guided by one drawers slide.

To the right and left of the linear actuator are two other sets of drawer slides. Each set of two slides are mounted 90° to each other and are mounted to angle iron. The canopy is assisted on each side by a pair of gas shocks rated to lift approximately half the weight of the canopy so the actuator only exerts an upward force of about 20 pounds or so. All of the 2x4s seen in the picture are securely bolted to studs in the wall behind the tank/stand.

Spaflex pipes that run down to the basement for the Oceans Motions 8-way mounted to a Reeflo Dart pump. You can see the vertical 1.5" closed loop return lines in this picture too.