Our Fish

Here's the rundown on our tanks.


240 Gallon Clarity Plus acrylic aquarium (8'x2'x2')

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110 Gallon All Glass Aquarium
8 54w T5s (4 10000 K, 4 460nm bulbs)
Fish: niger trigger, yellow tang, hippo tang, two maroon clowns, sailfin tang, kole tang
All sorts of coral

90 gallon All Glass Aquarium
custom (homemade) stand and canopy.
Fish: two gold stripe maroon clowns, red sea sailfin tang, sohal tang, scissortail goby, royal gramma, algae blenny
Coral: pink colt, yellow polyps, red montipora, brown montipora, torch, frogspawn, four different kind of zos, colonial coral, whole bunch of kenya tree, green pocillipora, pink finger leather, brown toadstool leather, pink toadstool with green polyps, green sinularia, two yellow gorgonians, purple sea whip, candy cane, bunches of different mushrooms, other odds and ends

65 gallon All Glass Aquarium
All Glass wooden stand.
Fish: pair of black saddleback clowns, pair of occellarus clowns, four stripe damsel, hippo tang

24 gallon JBJ NanoCube Deluxe with standard stand
This is where our seahorse and pipefish


We have a breeding pair of green face Neolamprologus brichardi and about 1000 of their babies from the last 15 or so generations. Brichardi choose a mate for life and we have a true breeding pair that has been very successful .

55 gallon Oceanic Oak Show tank
11 sub-adult Cyphotilapia frontosa
(6 Burundi 6–stripe, 4 Kigoma 7–stripe from Fish Collectors, 1 Kavala 6–stripe from Fish Collectors)

120 gallon "Chef" the male Kigoma 7-stripe frontosa and his four ladies
They are all about 10" in length and are wild caught. Purchased 7/7/05 at Fish Collectors and some later from a breeder in York, PA.